The ultimate online platform, designed for all fashion creatives, is finally here.


Introducing, LaLaLuxxe – a central hub for all South African designers, where consumers can purchase directly from the designers’ stores. Sounds like your normal shopping site? Well, here’s what sets it apart from the rest:


For the DESIGNER, this is a one-stop shop market place. Any orders placed on are sent straight to your dashboard to be fulfilled – a tracking number will be issued and settlement to your bank account will be made, as soon as the transaction has been completed – LaLaLuxxe will be able to set up online stores for designers that do not have stores – The shipping component is also handled on the platform

For the SHOPPER, this is an unforgettable, seamless experience. You will have direct access to all the designers trading through this portal and have the choice of shipping your purchase directly to your address or to a boutique nearest to you – easy does it, easy goes.


For the BLOGGER, it’s all about getting paid to do what you do best. Once a sale is initiated when you talk about a product on your social media platforms, you will be compensated.

Image: Instagram/@ekta_official

BOUTIQUES, there’s a sweet deal in it for you too. If a sale takes place, you will gain because you facilitated it. This will bring more exposure to your boutique; a unique feel that could translate into regular customers into their stores. Plus, an added gain by closing the sale and getting the percentage.

Fashion, as an industry, is ceaselessly developing; this is a new age of shopping.

Surely, you’d want to be a part of it?


Instagram: @lalaluxxe_sa


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