Meet Laura from Lucent

Designed by Johannesburg-born Laura Ferreira and manufactured in Cape Town, Lucent won the SA Fashion Week New Talent Search with its Shaping the future of Sustainability collection in 2019.

Built on definitive principles that place it squarely within the current ‘Slow Fashion’ movement, Lucent delivers modern classics that incorporate ancient garment-making traditions and artisanal crafts with earth and people-friendly manufacture.

Graduating with a distinction from the Villioti Fashion Institute in Fashion Design and Business in Johannesburg, Ferreira’s fashion career began in retail and fashion media before progressing to design and merchandising with the country’s leading apparel manufacturer for local and international retailers.

She launched Lucent in response to an inspiring encounter with a group of female garment workers at the manufacturing plant.  She believes the sewers, steamers and cutters are the true beating heart of the fashion industry and is determined to contribute to the revival of South Africa’s clothing industry – one stitch at a time.

Lucent AW20 Runway

Eunice Driver Photography | Official SAFW Collections Photographer

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